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    ​We still calculate the ratio with the LLM (lower limit of measurement) but report it as <the calculated value.

  • Interesting! ........what we do for the sake of science!.....you should post that in the History Section too  - Dec 16 1939...World War II had started.

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    Nuts - the perfect food? Well....nuts coated with dark chocolate - plenty of antioxidants too!!!

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    Steve, "Do labs explicitly define what constitutes a "critical instrument component" for each instrument in its procedure?"  - No - we do not define it in our policy. Usually this would constitute "major maintenance"   - we would perform calibration ...

  • RE: Mobile app

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    This is very timely! We are looking at this as well  - recently posed this to CAP (since we are CAP accredited) who put the following questions: "How would you be able to guarantee that this person actually read the message? Could another person see ...

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    Tony, Have you considered contacting Beckman  IT support? They have good resources to tailor your needs and setup moving averages .etc Reg  repeat patient testing during QC failure-  First you need to determine, If the problem is something other ...

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    Thanks Siva. I will attend. Regards,  Tony

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