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    ​Dear ALL I agree with Prof Stanley Levinson Lipase orAmylase should not be eliminated The interpretation need to be clear for Physician and even LABORATORY staff Clinical presentation is very important for interpretation. Good Luck

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    The AACC Travel Grant experience was a wonderful experience for me. When I applied for the grant I was unsure of myself; however, when I won the award it greatly enhanced my self esteem. I received an International Travel Grant from  AACC  to attend ...

  • Call for vote

    ​ The Personalized Medicine Division election closes tonight, Please cast last minute ballots if you haven't done so. Link to vote

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    ​​I work for a health system with 12 labs each have at least two main chemistry analyzers. Currently for establishing new QC lot they run QC over multiple days on all instruments to get about 20+ data points on each system. They then calculate the mean ...

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    NO "Reply All" PLEASE!! Be respectful of others mailboxes and time. Unless it is of general interest. Any change of a meeting on the West Coast of FL? It's lonely here.... Fred D. Lasky, Ph.D. LASKY C ONSULTING Regulatory Strategies ...

  • Election 2018

    Posted in: Toxicology

    ​​ TDM / TOX Division: Election 2018   Explanation of candidate selection from list of nominees   This year the Nominating Committee received 23 nominations for 7 open positions. This was an unusually high number of nominees and we are quite ...

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    I have seen a number of labs that have replaced Fecal Leukocyte testing with Lactoferrin.  I suspect there are a number of reasons, including sample stability, improved automation, test sensitivity and reduced subjectivity.  Has anyone ever discontinued ...

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    Completed! Thank you!​ ------------------------------ Elizabeth Kulyassa Cuomo BS,MT(AAB),BB(ASCP) Clinical Laboratory Director ------------------------------