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    HI!  Everyone.  Nephrotic syndrome is typically characterized by urine protein excretion > 3.5 g/24 hr, with low to moderate amounts of protein, it is difficult to decide which type of proteinuria is primarily responsible without electrophoretic analysis. ...

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    Thanks for the additional follow up!

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    Yes. We dilute the sample. But no clinician have ever requested for dilution. We diluted to check linearity and our correlation with direct result is good. So, to check hook effect we dilute sample as and when necessary.

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    Congratulations to our newly-elected AACC SoCal Division officers: Chair-Elect: Brett Holmquist Secretary: Steve Phagoo Treasurer: Lu Song Thanks to all who voted, and thank to our elects for stepping up to serve our division!​​​​

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    With the upsurge in the use of CBD in pain management, I just wanted to know if the Artery Community have noticed significant interference with our cannabinoid immunoassays in CBD treated subjects. If so have you been able to confirm carboxy THC in these ...

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    I would like to attend.

  • Definitely didn't expect that, but thanks for hosting it! It was fun to compete. ------------------------------ Sean Campbell, Ph.D. Assistant Director Hematology Laboratories Advanced Coagulation Laboratory Montefiore Medical Center, Moses Branch - ...

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    Join us for our Fall webinar featuring presentations from our Midwest Section Richard Marshall Education Award winners: Kornelia Galior (Mayo Clinic) : "Retrospective Review of Infliximab Quantitation and Anti-infliximab Test Results" Lisa Johnson ...