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  • Hyper link provided here is not working for some reason.  Thank you.

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    ​Turn around time tends to dominate KPIs in our laboratory and health system for lab results. I am interested in determining other KPIs that other laboratories are utilizing to monitor their departments. thank you,

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    I second the nomination

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    Thank you very much, Eric! What determined you to adopt these cutoffs? Did you get high volume false positive and therefore, increased volume for confirmation?

  • API

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    For those of you using API for your proficiency testing, have you had many issues with samples not being graded? We normally use CAP products but recently started using API for proficiency testing at one of our small sites and so are unfamiliar ...

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    Dear Colleagues I would be grateful if you kindly share with me who is collecting the neonatal serum bilirubin and capillary blood gas samples in your hospital. I recently joined a hospital (gulf region) where POCT laboratory technicians are collecting ...

  • ​ On behalf of Dr. Deanna Franke, I would like to encourage all of our community members to submit a Brown Bag proposal for the 70th AACC annual scientific meeting in The Windy City – Chicago! A Brown Bag session is a fantastic way to connect with a ...

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    Thank you Srinivas, it is always nice to hear others have had the same experience. Our tech specialist from Siemens was leading us to believe we were the only ones who have had this issue. I did not think about just keeping them at the core lab, thanks ...