Ambassador Program

Ambassador-prgrm_icon-01.png   Why become an Artery Ambassador?

Ambassador-prgrm_icon-02.png   What does an Ambassador do?

Ambassador-prgrm_icon-03.png   How does a member become an Artery Ambassador?

Ambassador-prgrm_icon-04.png   How does the Ambassador Challenge work?


  • Engage more deeply in your profession by getting and giving insights to your fellow members on a regular basis
  • Help other members share their knowledge and build a sense of community
  • Get support from a private Ambassador forum of fellow community builders
  • Grow, engage, and measure progress using resources available within the Ambassador community such as frameworks, models training developed by the ADLM team
  • Participate in monthly exclusive expert calls and access to recordings of all past expert calls
  • Participate in exclusive Ambassador-only events
  • Participate in a yearly Ambassador Challenge (with popular prizes and rewards)

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  • Spends time on a weekly basis on Artery-related tasks
  • Participates actively in Artery-related meetings and learning sessions
  • Participates in the Ambassador community discussions and gives feedback

Artery Ambassadors are defined within 3 categories.

  • Manages a Local Section/Division forum
  • Is in contact with the leadership of the Local Section/Division s/he represents
  • Creates events on behalf of the community
  • Sends admin emails on behalf of the community
  • Runs reports
  • Is responsible for engagement and participation for the community s/he represents
  • Replies to posts within his/her community
  • Serves as a sounding board for new ideas related to the Artery
  • Identifies content experts
  • Creates new ways to increase engagement (example: study of the month, Molecule of the month)
  • Replies to unanswered threads
  • Welcomes new members to sub-groups
  • Helps create and post new discussions on the Artery
  • Writes blogs on areas of expertise
  • Summarizes most engaging conversations in blog posts
  • Tags untagged conversations
  • Recruits new Ambassadors

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Before applying to become an Ambassador, please make sure that:

  1. You have a profile picture in your Artery profile
  2. You have an updated bio
  3. You are searchable in the Member Directory

You can submit your Ambassador application by sending an email to 

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  • Ambassadors will be enrolled by replying to a thread in the Ambassador community (by June 1st, 2018)
  • The platform automatically assigns points to Ambassadors activities. Points will be counted from January 2018 to June 2018
  • Other points will be assigned for other activities:
    • Participation in the private group
    • Attendance at training sessions
    • Ideation of new initiatives
    • Fellow Ambassador on-boarding
    • Content writing
    • Content tagging
    • Mentioning other users
    • Posting the most engaging conversation of the month
  • Participants who would like to register for the Annual Scientific Meeting with early bird pricing are invited to do and will be reimbursed in case they win
  • The prizes:

First: 10 Ambassadors with the most points win free registration to the 70th Annual Scientific Meeting & Clinical Lab Expo<
Second: Ambassadors with points putting them in places 11-20 win a travel check of $250
Third: all Ambassadors will receive to special events and a surprise gift Special awards: A small group of Ambassadors will receive an award for their notable work during the Ambassador Breakfast at the Annual Scientific Meeting.

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