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Welcome to the SARS-CoV2-Testing Community. This community is open to AACC members and non-members who are affiliated with AACC. The purpose of this group is to share your knowledge, ask questions, and identify resources that will help you and your laboratory with its SARS-CoV-2 testing needs. As you realize, things are changing quickly and there’s more information being accumulated every day. There’s no need for us to re-invent the wheel! Please participate in this group and share what you learn as well as learn from it. To join the community, please click the Join Community button on the right.

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  • Hello Dr. Tyagi. HHS issued notice Nov 15 2021 that only EUA authorized LDTs for COVID testing can be marketed. FDA also made that same position clear in their communications. There is currently no path for a COVID LDT that does not go through FDA. ...

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  • Hello Jeri, it is interesting that the range in your state is very wide. On a site visit, the Lab been cited for having humidity range from 30-50%. My question is why this variation from one state to the other? Why the Lab that I am directing been cited? ...

  • Thanks Zoe. That is an awesome site ------------------------------ Chele Rubendall, CLS, MT(ASCP) Director of Operations Regulatory Consultant JRubendall & Associates, Inc. ------------------------------

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