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The Essence: The Best of November 2022

By Anne-Margaret Olsson posted 12-08-2022 16:28

The Artery is your community for finding solutions to your day-to-day clinical chemistry questions. Last month, several answers were found to questions ranging from "What are some of your experiences with considering dilutions?" to “Can vitamins affect cerebrospinal fluid (CSF)?".  Read on for the most discussed on the Artery in November.

Dilutions - To Infinity and Beyond?
@Joe Wiencek, PhD, DABCC, NRCC, FADLM

Diluting patient samples is a common practice within the field of laboratory medicine, but laboratorians seem to have different approaches to dilutions. What are some of your experiences with considering dilutions?

Concentrating on Vitamins
@Amy Pyle-Eilola, PhD, DABCC, FADLM

Can vitamins affect cerebrospinal fluid (CSF)? Arterians discuss the idea of measuring concentrations of vitamins in relation to CSF. What’s your opinion on this topic?

Three Simple Questions
@Sean Campbell, PhD, DABCC, FADLM

A laboratorian poses three questions to improve a serum protein electrophoresis (SPEP) service. Experts in the field weigh in on SPEP, urine protein electrophoresis, and immunofixation practices. Join the discussion and share your thoughts.