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The Essence: The Best of January 2022

By Anne-Margaret Olsson posted 03-11-2022 11:31

The Artery is your community for finding solutions to your day-to-day clinical chemistry questions. Last month, several answers were found to questions ranging from "Do you know the differences for each color tube?" to “How do you tackle grammatical errors in manuscripts?". Read on for the most discussed on the Artery in January.

What Does That Color Mean?
by @David Alter, MD DABCC

Have you ever questioned the difference in serum separator tubes based on the color of the top? If you have, you’re not the only one. With various colors and patterns, it’s important to understand what each tube’s purpose is. Do you know the differences for each color tube?

A Technology Flashback
by @David Alter, MD DABCC

Flame photometers were first developed in the 1940s and were key tools in measuring sodium and potassium in serum and urine. Since then, technology has developed and replaced the use of these instruments in labs. Arterians reminisce about the use of flame photometers and how they paved the way for other essential lab technology today.

The Reviewing Process
@Anthony Killeen, MD

Writing a scientific manuscript may not always come easy to people, making the job for reviewers more difficult. How do you tackle grammatical errors in manuscripts? Should grammar be overlooked to focus more on the science, or should there be more effort made in copy editing?