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The Essence: The Best of July 2021

By Anne-Margaret Olsson posted 09-09-2021 14:19

The Artery is your community for finding solutions to your day-to-day clinical chemistry questions. In July, several answers were found to questions ranging from "Hemolysis or not?" to “Should medical education be incorporated into patient portals?”. Read on for the most discussed on the Artery in July.

Hemolysis or Not?

Hemolysis in patient specimens has a history of being a challenging topic between laboratories and emergency department staff. Arterians discuss their opinions on why it has become problematic and the best solution to solve this issue. What is your approach to this issue?


Guidance on Reference Intervals

When reference intervals are listed by manufacturers, do you only use that specific information as your guide? What happens if there are multiple intervals listed? An Artery discussion untangles suggestions on how to best follow manufacturers’ recommendations.

Improving Patient Portals

Artery members seem to agree that incorporating medical education into patient portals could be significantly beneficial to patients. By doing so, patients would have the ability to access resources to help them better understand their test results. What are your thoughts on this concept?