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The Essence: The Best of August 2021

By Anne-Margaret Olsson posted 09-09-2021 14:26

The Artery is your community for finding solutions to your day-to-day clinical chemistry questions. Last month, several answers were found to questions ranging from "What are some of the unwritten duties of being a medical director?" to “Can a denosumab treatment cause interferences with serum protein electrophoresis?”. Read on for the most discussed on the Artery in August.

Not Just a Laboratory Medical Director

Calling all laboratory medical directors – What are some of the unwritten duties of your role? In addition to the traditional job responsibilities, there are many tasks that lab medical directors acquire when working in a hospital setting that they might not have expected.

Alternative Approaches to Glucose Measurement

When attempting to obtain glucose measurements from patients, a common method is to perform fingerstick procedures. What is an alternative approach when a patient is missing fingers and prefers not to use the fingerstick strategy? Circulation issues impacting the quality of the sample and challenges with venipuncture are a couple of factors both laboratorians and other health professionals must consider.

Detecting Denosumab

Can a denosumab treatment cause interferences with serum protein electrophoresis? Does dosage play a role in interference? Arterarians weigh in on using denosumab for patients diagnosed with multiple myeloma.